BAMS Network

Bachelor of Science Biological and Applied Medical Sciences

BAMS Network

The BAMS Network is a private network dedicated to alumni and teachers. Its objective is to maintain links and exchanges between former students and teachers.

The 8 BAMS Mali promotions and the 4 Haiti promotion can access a private space to share information. Teachers will facilitate forums and participants exchange documents.

Fondation Mérieux, in collaboration with the ESTBB (School of Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology) of Lyon’s Catholic University, introduced in 2007 the BAMS (Bachelor of Sciences of Applied Medical Sciences) training programme, designed for laboratory technicians, with the aim of strengthening clinical biology capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The first editions of the course were held in Bamako-Mali. Following the request of the Haitian Ministry of health to duplicate the BAMS in Haiti, Fondation Mérieux launched together with ESTBB the first edition of the programme in Port au Prince-Haiti.

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