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Bachelor of Science Biological and Applied Medical Sciences

BAMS at a glance

Objectives of the bachelor

  • Strengthen the skills of the laboratory technicians of medical analysis laboratories practice and quality assurance procedures.

  • Prepare and implement protocols with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), procedures and quality manual.

Practical information

  • Entry requirements: laboratory technicians with a minimum experience of three years , undergraduate studies in life science and a job as a biomedical laboratory technician (in West Africa or in Haiti)

  • Duration: 8 months

  • Frequency: 1 sessions per year par area (West Africa and Haiti)

  • Number of places: 24 in Mali and 18 in Haiti

  • Language: french

  • Registration fees: € 7000 per participant (Supported by partners)

Course format and content

Teaching methods include lectures, practicals, e-learning and a case study. The modules are assessed through a combination of examinations, course work, practical reports, oral presentations and group work. The two semesters are validated by 60 European credits (ECTS: European Credit Transfer System)

  • Semester 1: molecular and cellular biology, bacteriology, biochemistry, parasitology, haematology, virology, immunology, hemobiology, ethics, laboratory management and safety, scientific, communication.

  • Semester 2: bacteriology, biochemistry, epidemiology, statistics, pharmacology, xase study, quality, control and assurance, scientific communication.

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